Dick Duff's Organic Jerky


So in 1989, he headed into his kitchen. He spent countless hours trimming, marinating, racking, and drying, perfecting his methods and flavours. When his friends and neighbours tasted the results, they started lining up in droves.

They ordered batches for Christmas gifts, took them on canoe trips, and stocked up for hunting season. Word got around, and more requests poured in. Soon, Dick was devoting all his spare time to jerky production.

Over the years, several businesses offered to buy his recipes, but Dick steadfastly refused. Then, in 2015, Jeremy and Jonathan Anderson approached him. The brothers got hooked on his jerky when they were boys. Now entrepreneurs, they wanted to help him reach a wider audience – with a partnership that put him in control of the product.


Dick Duff’s Inc. was born.

Scaling up wasn’t straightforward, but we kept working until we were satisfied that we could offer you the same awesome texture and flavour that wowed Dick’s original fans. And because we believe in using the cleanest, most sustainable, highest-quality ingredients, we made our jerky organic. Was there any other option?

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