Coldcreek Baby Back Ribs

Innisfil, Ontario

Some folks have the impression that ribs are one of those meats that should be left to the “pitmasters” — definitely not true! All you need is some time. And when a craving for ribs strikes, there’s basically nothing you can do to stop it….except eat ribs! So we suggest you have us deliver some to your door, do a little prepping, pick out a favorite movie or series, crack open a beer or bottle of wine, and relax until those babies are done! Sweet, savoury, salty, tender…however you prefer them- they are THEE ultimate meat candy.

Aprox. 2.65 lbs


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Our Duroc Landrace Cross pigs are raised naturally with vegetables and our special blend of roasted grains. (We roast our own right on the farm!) which produces a superior quality flavour. You’ll find that this breed along with our custom grains, blows grocery store pork out of the water.