Hazelnut Butter

Paris, Ontario

Many people already enjoy these nuts in many of their favourite foods, but be ready to have them conceptualized in a whole way. No longer a garnish or support role, hazelnuts come to the forefront in this butter and they bring all the rich deliciousness nature intended.

Hazelnut butter makes a great spread, use in dressings, baking, desserts, smoothies and dips. Try adding to stews, sauces, or curries to give great flavour and to thicken your dish.

Ingredients: Dry-roasted hazelnuts

Warning: May Contain: peanuts, other tree nuts, and seeds


365 grams


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Started in 1989, Nuts to You Nut Butter is a 100% Canadian-owned company located in Paris, Ontario, producing a broad range of nut and seed butters. All nuts and seeds used in their butters are dry roasted (no oil roasting) and do not contain added salt, sugar or saturated/tropical fats. Nuts to You nut butters are high in protein and fiber, a good source of vitamins and minerals, kosher. Nuts to You nut butters are also dairy, soy, wheat and gluten-free.