The Imperfect Basket

Want to help support a sustainable food supply chain with less impact on the environment and reduce food waste? Sign up for the Imperfect Basket filled with perfectly imperfect produce! We do our best to get you great value and save not-so-pretty produce from the landfill.

Every basket contains 5-7 surprise items and cannot be customized. Since we’re rescuing produce that would normally be wasted, there is lots of value packed in this basket.

The produce will be items not deemed “pretty enough” by grocery store standards OR look great but be the leftovers from a case that would otherwise go to waste.

Choose weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) delivery.

At sign up there is a fully refundable $10 cooler bag deposit fee. If you ever decide to cancel we will pick up your cooler bag and refund this deposit.

*items change weekly and will be different than those appearing in this photo*

From: $19.95 every 2 weeks and a $10.00 Refundable Cooler Bag Deposit


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Weekly, Bi-weekly