Mexico Spicy Chili Dark Chocolate Bar

Orillia, Ontario

Ethically sourced using 100% Mexico origin cacao beans, this dark chocolate offers flavours and personality unique to the soil and harvest of the region. This transcendent dark chocolate bar is chocolate forward, followed by subtle cinnamon and woody notes, finishing with a spicy hear. This chocolate will take you on a journey that is beyond compare.

64% Cacao
Gluten Free



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Georgian Chocolate Co. handcrafts locally made, sustainably sourced chocolate. 

We partner with emerging artists to design our packaging to bring the inspired talents of artists to our community. We believe in connecting people through conversation of great chocolate and art.  You can feel good about what you are eating, as you have chosen a product that collides arts and culture with delicious chocolate.  

We strive to ensure we are maintaining a minimal environmental impact while crafting our chocolate and in our packaging. 

We offer nine delicious varieties of chocolate bars from different regions around the world. Each bar is crafted with from single origin chocolate with unique complimentary flavors from that region.