Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth

Waterloo, Ontario

Bones from organically and humanely raised Ontario grass-fed beef, filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic and seasonally harvested ‘farmer’s seconds’ of Ontario onions, carrots, celery, organic turmeric, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, black peppercorns. No added salt.
14 grams of protein in each cup

Delivered frozen.


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Bone broth is a delicious rich concentrate made by slow-simmering bones in water, along with simple vegetables and herbs, for long periods of time. It has been consumed as a source of nourishment across cultures for centuries, and continues to be used in traditional and professional kitchens around the world. It is a staple in gourmet cuisine due to its unsurpassed flavour, and serves as the base for many recipes including soups and sauces. It can be used as a substitute cooking liquid for rice, grains or pasta, and can be sipped from a mug as a delicious warm drink.

We strive to ensure that every ingredient that goes into our stockpot is of the highest quality available from local sources, right here in southwestern Ontario. We make our bone broth in small batches.

Using bones exclusively from humanely and organically raised grass-fed beef, and free-range chickens, we begin with an acid soak—filtered water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice added—a process that pulls minerals out of the bones and into the broth. We then add more water and slow-simmer the broth in a stainless steel pot for 24 hours. We add responsibly grown organic vegetables and spices to enhance the flavour and nutritional content—organic onions, carrots and celery, turmeric, thyme, bay leaves and black peppercorns for the chicken bone broth, and organic onions, carrots, celery, turmeric, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves and black peppercorns for the beef broth.

We then rapidly reduce the temperature of our bone broth and flash-freeze it for maximum nutritional quality.

No salt is added to our bone broth, so you can season to taste.

With an abundance of processed foods available, we strive to deliver traditional slow food to your entire family. Our product is frozen because we do not use stabilizers to extend its shelf life (or even try to make a shelf stable ‘meat based’ product). In theory, as more and more of us are looking for real food, traditionally prepared, it makes sense that we will begin seeing more and more refrigerated and frozen food items.