Rainbow Trout Fillets

Hanover, Ontario

3 Pack – Approx. 2 lb

Springhills rainbow trout is raised on our family’s farms in Grey County. These healthy and delicious fillets are individually vacuum-sealed, pinboned and frozen at peak freshness. Rainbow trout, sometimes called steelhead trout, has a mild nut-like flavour and delicate texture. Their incredible taste is thanks to our humane and sustainable raising methods. All Springhills fish are grown at small-scale farms with natural spring water, low densities and special diets.


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We pride ourselves on offering the freshest fish available at your door. We humanely harvest, fillet, vacuum-seal and freeze all within a day, which locks in every bit of freshness into your fillets. They will keep up to 12 months in your freezer.

Springhills is a second-generation family business run by siblings Arlen and RJ Taylor. We grow rainbow trout, Arctic char and coho salmon at sites near Hanover and Chatsworth, Ontario. Our hatcheries are Ocean Wise Recommended and certified sustainable by the Best Aquaculture Practices program.