Real Sips – Wild Blueberry Mint Green Tea


Say hello to a new type of hydration with no compromises – all natural, no sugar and an NPN licensed Source of Antioxidants.

Sip Sticks take your everyday, ho-hum drink of water, give it a friendly wake-up call, and infuse it with delicious and natural, real-antioxidant goodness. Just dilute in a glass or water bottle for healthier, happier hydration.

Made with freshly pressed ingredients, the nutrients and flavours are preserved with flash freezing – yielding these vibrant, antioxidant-rich beverages. Ship frozen overnight to your doorstep.

Ingredients: Freshly brewed green tea*, Freshly pressed wild blueberries*, Freshly squeezed lemons*, Freshly squeezed limes*, Monk fruit juice.

*= Organic.


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