Vegan Salmon Steaks

A gluten free, healthy, fish alternative!

The perfect romantic dinner food couldn’t be easier! Simple open the bag and transfer to a pan – throw some broccoli on top and bake. Serve on a bed of rice with a glass of white wine and let your date drool over all your hard work (we suggest candles!)

Great on the BBQ, or in a sandwich for something different (try it with lettuce, mayo, lemon and cucumbers!) These salmon steaks are a great addition to your dinner rotation and ready to take centerstage on your families dinner plates.

Salmon steaks will last unopened for up to 4 weeks in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer. Allow to thaw in fridge before heating.  Once opened, eat within 48 hours.

Ingredients: Organic Tofu, Organic Sunflower or Canola Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Organic nori, Capers, Lemon Slices, Natural flavour, Spices.

CONTAINS: Wheat, Gluten, Soy.

2 pack