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Biweekly Delivery - Bakery

Bread & Treat Basket

Local Bakeries

Includes a mix of 4 freshly baked breads and treats.


Country Blonde

Homestead Artisan Bakery

1 Country Blonde sourdough loaf.


Sprouted Grain

Homestead Artisan Bread

1 Sprouted Grain loaf.


Swiss Mountain Rye

Sigrid's Bakery

1 Swiss Mountain Rye loaf.


Honey Spelt

Sigrid's Bakery

1 Honey Spelt loaf.


White Bread

Fox's Bakery

1 sliced white loaf. 


Whole Wheat Bread

Fox's Bakery

1 sliced whole wheat loaf.


Assorted Bagels

Fox's Bakery

6 pack of assorted bagels.


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